Some guidelines and suggestions

Welcome to our Virtual Discussion Space. Here are some suggestions that will help you post and read Reading Responses and comments. If you’re unfamiliar with these practices, the first time may require some additional time. It should get easier fast, but contact me anytime if you have questions or frustrations.

  • Weekly reading responses are due on Tuesday or Thursday (depending on which reading assignment you choose) at 8am. Earlier postings are much appreciated!
  • Be sure to post every RR under a Category. This ensures that they are easy to find and read. If you’re unfamiliar with blogs, categories function like folders; posts can only reside in one category.
    • I have already created the course categories, so you will not need to add any new ones.
  • Please also Tag your RRs. One post (RR) can have many tags. Tags are another efficient way to find all the RRs on a particular theme, author, form, etc.
    • You will create the Tags for the blog. Please follow the following guidelines so we don’t create multiple tags inadvertently:
      • Before creating a new tag, check to be sure it wasn’t added previously.
      • All tags should be lowercase, even proper names (e.g. stein, americanism, imagism) and one word (e.g. unitedstates)
      • All RRs should have at least one author name tag as well as whatever others you think are relevant.
  • I hope you’ll engage each other virtually (as Comments to each others Posts/RRs). All exchanges must be respectful. You may find it helpful to let each other know when you find a particular claim, reading, or interpretation especially illuminating; want more information about a particular post/topic; or have an alternative interpretation to share.